BGN Video - Texas Postgame

Offensive coordinator Shannon Dawson, quarterback Paul Millard and defenders Darwin Cook and Shaq Rowell review the overtime sessions and what went right and wrong in the 47-40 loss to Texas.

Dawson on the Mountaineers' issues with fumbles, how he gauged the play of backup quarterback Paul Millard and what WVU was trying to accomplish in overtime by throwing it three of four times.

Millard reviews his play, discusses what West Virginia was trying to get and what he saw on the final play, and delves into the problems holding onto the ball.

Rowell says WVU didn't do its 1/11th each, and talks about his disappointment and WVU's ability to slow the Texas run game before giving the guarantee that West Virginia will win out in the regular season and reach a bowl.

Cook on his and the team's emotions after the loss, what he saw on Texas' touchdown in overtime and how West Virginia must rally to reach a bowl game.

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