BGN Video: The QBs

West Virginia offensive coordinator Shannon Dawson discusses his frustration with lack of execution and listening to instructions, Paul Millard goes over the good and bad of his play and reserve Logan Moore notes the portions of the playbook with which he is comfortable.

Dawson, below, also noted that Ford Childress is at 90 percent and did partake in physical drills in practice Tuesday - held in the IPF due to colder temperatures.

Millard, on his need to get rid of the football faster, the need for better personal and team consistency and hoping to throw it around and "score a lot of points" against Kansas.

Moore, in one of his few interviews this year - WVU doesn't allow media meet-and-greets with players who don't see game action - talks about hiss comfort level with the offense, how he felt on the sidelines knowing he was a play from being inserted into the Texas game and how he views himself as a quarterback.

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