Photo Gallery I: WVU - Texas Tech

First looks at West Virginia's 87-81 win over Texas Tech.

Devin Williams pushes inside against Jordan Tolbert

Kevin Noreen (back) and Terry Henderson (right) block the shot of Jay Crockett (30)

Terry Henderson (15) didn't get the foul call against Dejan Kravic (11)

Juwan Staten (3) slips past Kader Tapsoba (12) for a shot

Kevin Noreen (34) stuffs the attempt of Robert Turner (14)

Terry Henderson (15) gets to the hoop between Dejan Kravic (11) and Jaye Crockett (30)

Juwan Staten (center) prepares to dish the ball to a cutting Devin Williams (left)

Devin Williams (5) defends on the perimeter against Jaye Crockett

Nathan Adrian (11) blocks the shot of Toddrick Gotcher

Devin Williams (center) barrels past Jordan Tolbert (32) and Robert Turner (14)

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