Early Attention

When Steven Smothers was starting out in football he didn't necessarily expect a lot of recruiting attention early in his career. Coming out of his sophomore season, though, it's hitting quickly.

Franklin High School's Steven Smothers displayed talent on the football field early in his career, so much so that he's already earned ten scholarship offers prior to his junior season. He counts the ability to make plays, and make them in critical situations, as one of his strengths and a big reason for that early attention.

Smothers, along with teammates Jordan Adams and Jacquez Adams, made a trip to West Virginia this past weekend, and was impressed with what he experienced.

"I was surprised at how much of a family atmosphere there is there," he said. "As you get older, football becomes more like a business, but not at West Virginia. The way the coaches and players bonded together was good."

While on the trip, Smothers got to see the Adams brothers commit to WVU, which put a bit of a topping on the time on campus.

"It was a treat. I didn't think they were ready to commit when we were going down, but by the end of the day their mind was mind was made up. That was great."

During the day, accompanied by his recruiting coach Lonnie Galloway, Smothers toured the campus, with an emphasis on facility look-sees. The group also saw Saturday's basketball game and met with academic advisors, making for a well-rounded day.

Smothers has the ability to play on either side of the ball, and at one time harbored notions of being a two-way player in college. As his recruitment has increased, however, he's now leaning toward an offensive role.

"My preference is on offense now," he ruminated. "I think I have the most impact there. I have a knack for making plays in critical situations, and I think I can play either wide receiver or cornerback in college.

Smothers still has two years of high school play left, and is still very open to any offers, but at this stage has three favorites.

"Right now, West Virginia, Florida State and Ohio State would be the three," he said.

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