Fullwood Feels Comfortable At WVU

Darius Fullwood, one of the top defensive ends on the east coast, was among a talent-laden group of this visitors this past weekend at West Virginia.

A first-time visitor to West Virginia, Darius Fullwood visited the Mountaineers for their second official junior day.

"It was a great experience," Fullwood said. "That was my first time being to West Virginia. I would rate it as a very good experience. I enjoyed the campus and everything about it."

One might expect the 6-foot-5, 245-pound, defensive end to be filled with fresh thoughts on a new place. But, having followed the Mountaineers for quite some time, Fullwood felt as though he already knew his way around.

"For the most part it was what I thought," Fullwood explained. "I've watched them on television all the time. I've always pictured myself being there."

An intriguing aspect to West Virginia is having no professional sports team in the state. That leads to a lot of fan support for the Mountaineers, and something Fullwood definitely recognizes.

"The fans are always so supportive of the football and basketball teams," he stated. "I knew that being in Morgantown it's not around a lot of other things, so everyone is focused on the schools teams. Because of that they have a lot of fan support and that's something I like about them."

While on his visit Fullwood took advantage of the opportunity to interact with his recruiting coach, Lonnie Galloway. Despite only forming their relationship a few weeks back, the pair have bonded quickly.

"I got to speak a lot with Coach Galloway throughout the whole day," Fullwood said. "He's just a really cool coach, and probably one of my favorite recruiters. We only met a few weeks ago and he's already really cool with me. He's recruited a lot of talent while at West Virginia and I could be next."

"While we were at the basketball game he was texting Bruce Irvin," he laughed. " Bruce was there and Galloway was texting him while me and him were talking. Just to see he still has a solid relationship with previous players he coaches and recruited shows me a lot."

When looking to choose a program at the collegiate level, Fullwood is eyeing opportunity. Having a chance to see the field early is ideal, and with being hopeful to make a decision in May, seeing that first hand at West Virginia was beneficial.

"West Virginia told me that the defensive ends they have now will be graduating by the time I get there," Fullwood said. "They were telling me I definitely have an opportunity to contribute as a freshman.

"This visit definitely put West Virginia up there as a school I like," he continued. "But I've always liked West Virginia because I watched them all the time. But getting down to the campus and meeting some of the coaches and the being on that field puts them away from just a school I like to watch to a school I could see myself playing at."

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