BGN Video: Spring Drills

West Virginia kicked off the first of three mandatory unpadded practices Sunday afternoon despite inclement weather. Here, a look at quarterbacks, running backs, the offensive line and special teams, the latter coached in part by Tom Bradley.

WVU quarterbacks Paul Millard (14), Storm McPherson (17), Skyler Howard (11) and Logan Moore (16) go through throwing and footwork drills as offensive coordinator and position coach Shannon Dawson instructs.

WVU's offensive line practices lockout arm drills and hand placement while coach Ron Crook gives advice and insight.

WVU assistant JaJuan Seider oversees a footwork and ball security session during the Mountaineers' initial spring practice.

WVU punter Nick O'Toole and the rest of the protection and return units work a drill partially overseen by new assistant coach Tom Bradley.

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