BGN Video: Player Interviews

West Virginia's center-quarterback pairing talk offensive development, while K.J. Dillon delves into diabetes, how it sidelined him last season and his comeback and return as a starter at spur.

In a lengthy, honest interview, Orlosky talks the intricacies of his position, the quarterback battle, his improvements last year and during the offseason and the mental battle of holding a position, then being unseated as a starter.

Dillon, who was hospitalized after the Texas game last season, speaks on his experiences dealing with diabetes, what he has learned in dealing with the issue on a daily basis and what he expects from himself and the defense as a whole as both rally to overcome last year's issues.

And finally Millard, below, discusses his physical changes, an increased effort towards better mobility and what he expects of the position battle through spring and into the summer conditioning season.

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