BGN Video: Big 12 Preparations

West Virginia's players appeared loose as they prepped for today's Big 12 Championship match-up against Texas, covering topics ranging from shooting in the Sprint Center to crowd reactions in recent games.

Eron Harris was his usual entertaining self as he discussed shooting in different venues. He thinks the basketballs in use in Kansas City have a lot of air in them, and combined with some tight rims, might make shooting a bit more difficult. Of course, anything that affects a scorer such as Harris is going to draw comment.

He also dishes on his favorite places to shoot in the Big 12, and the team's decision to watch games on Wednesday rather than go to the movies.

Kevin Noreen was in a lighthearted mood, discussing the cheers he got when he removed his shirt against Kansas after being bloodied on a charge, and reacting when two of his coaches made faces at him while answering questions.

He also discussed mentoring some of the newcomers on what to expect in tournament time, and detailed how the team will spend the long day on Thursday waiting for the late tip-off.

Juwan Staten also touched on the differences in shooting in the wide-open spaces of the Sprint Center, but described his method of dealing with that, as well as other distractions like media attention, as he prepares for the game.

Staten also emphasized the importance of rebounding from the guard position against the Longhorns, and detailed one advantage for WVU when he is able to get the ball off the defensive backboard.

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