BGN Video: Coordinator Spotlight

West Virginia's football coordinators recap the first weeks of practice and discuss the progress of several players.

Defensive coordinatorTony Gibson is seeing some benefits from keeping players at one position, and also is happy with the number of players he has to work with during practice. He also described his points of focus with the defense, where he is helping linebackers coach Damon Cogdell get acclimated while also touching base with all of the defensive players.

"I want to make sure the players know I am involved with them all and that I care," he said of his approach, which involves visits to every position group.

Shannon Dawson discussed the lack of flow for Skyler Howard at quarterback in running the offense, and also credited Paul Millard for his play early on. He noted that he sees more potential from the wide receivers, but that "we have to get the ball to them" in order to be successful.

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