Better Prepared

Class of 2015 center Levi Cook just recently completed his first season at Huntington Prep. The West Virginia commit spoke with about how his first season with the Irish transitioned his game for the next level.

Levi Cook knew making the move from his former Raleigh County, W.Va., home, Liberty High, to Huntington Prep wouldn't be easy. He did so, however, with the belief his game would be fine-tuned in many areas.

After an early adjustment period, Cook became accustomed to the daily events.

"It was different, it took a while to get used to," Cook said. "I think as the year went on I improved and I got to where I needed to be towards the end of the season. It just happened to be a little late."

"When we played our last game of the year against Montverde (Fla.) I played pretty good," Cook continued. "I gained a lot of confidence that game and just by the way I ended individually myself it makes me excited to know I can do next year."

A mainstay on the AAU circuit the last several years, Cook was familiar with the level of competition provided while at Huntington Prep. But, it was the mental fatigue that he had to overcome throughout the course of a longer hoops season.

"I think the main thing was the game speed," Cook described. "That and how the season takes a toll on you because it's a lot longer than a regular high school season. There's so much travel everywhere, but it does prepare you for college."

A hefty benefit for Cook was the routine competition in practice, in particular regular battles with teammate and class of 2015 five-star center, Thomas Bryant.

"Everyday in practice I went against Thomas Bryant," Cook said. "We battled and went after each other everyday. When we first got here he was used to playing like that, and I wasn't. But now it's a battle because I can't guard him and he can't guard me. It's a daily battle and we make each other better. It's fun.

"Going against him taught me how to really shoot over taller people. I was able to develop a hook shot. It was weird at first and something I had to get used to but now it's given me a lot more confidence."

This summer, Cook doesn't plan to slow down. He's anticipating being back on the floor soon.

"I won't rest much," Cook laughed. "I'm in good physical condition so I don't want to go backwards. I'll be soon playing AAU ball and working out."

Despite having another season at the high school level, Cook remains steadfast in his commitment to the Mountaineers.

"I can't wait, honestly," Cook said. "I'm a Mountaineer and that will never change."

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