Comfort Zone

Billydee Williams found a visit with a current WVU player and the Mountaineer coaching staff to his liking, and listed those as some of the main reasons he committed to West Virginia's basketball program.

When Billydee Williams arrived on West Virginia's campus for his official visit, he wasn't sure what to expect, but his relationship with assistant coach Larry Harrison at least had him a bit prepared.

"Coach Harrison really made me feel comfortable," Williams told after his visit and commitment. "He told me West Virginia needed a player at my position, but he wasn't just about basketball. He asked about my mother and my family, and was interested in me as a person. That made me feel like they weren't just about the basketball."

Once on campus, some time spent with a Mountaineer stalwart just reinforced that feeling.

"I got to hang out with Juwan Staten, and he made me feel very comfortable there. Seeing everything they had to offer was good, but I just really got the feeling of everyone supporting each other and it being a family atmosphere."

Williams was also very impressed with the new practice facility, listing it and West Virginia's Coliseum as contributing reasons for his commitment and signing decision. However, he again circled back to the people -- players and coaches -- as the primary point.

"I liked the campus a lot -- it was great," he noted of his visit. "But meeting the coaches and some of the players, and getting to know them a little bit -- that was the biggest thing."

Williams is noted for his outside shooting, having hit better than 40% of his threes during his two junior college seasons, but lists rebounding as a bit of an underrated part of his game. He notes that he wants to get in better shape so as to be prepared for the rigors of Division I basketball, and that he plans to be at West Virginia in July.

"I have one summer school class to finish up, and then I will be there," he said of his summer itinerary. "I shouldn't have any problems there."

Williams will have two seasons of eligibility at WVU.

Williams is also cognizant of the attention his unique name receives, and confirmed that he was named in honor of the actor, Billy Dee Williams.

"I didn't like it as much when I was younger, but I've gotten used to it, and I have some fun with it now," he confirmed. "It's fun to hear the reactions that I get."

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