Recruiting Q&A

We dive into our virtual mailbag to answer your latest questions on the West Virginia University recruiting front.

Q: Why do you feel that we havent offered Miramar OL Leeward Brown yet?

A: West Virginia wanted to get the massive interior lineman on campus for a visit, and that was accomplished last month. Now, the Mountaineer staff likely wants to see Brown in action during his senior season. He has the size, without a doubt, but perhaps there's a bit more on-field to be seen before an offer is forthcoming. With a premium on tackle types, the Mountaineers may still have room for a grader like Brown, who probably fits more on the interior of the offensive line, but WVU wants to be sure it gets the best players it can with its final one or two offensive line commitments.

Q: Will Dravon Henry make an impact this season? If not will any true freshman make an impact?

A: It would be a surprise to me if Henry doesn't play this year. He could make a push at free safety, and he's also a strong contender as an extra defensive back in pass situations. Cornerbacks coach Brian Mitchell won't want to expose him to too much pressure early on (that factor definitely set back some of WVU's young corners last year) but Henry looks to have too much talent to keep off the field.

If he qualifies, Jacob McCrary could be a guy to watch offensively, but the fact that he is not in school and missed the summer developmental work will be a major obstacle to overcome.

Q: What type of QB does Dana really want running his offense a gunslinger pocket passer or a mobile athletic type?

A: Given the choice, he wants a player that can throw it accurately first and foremost, but one who can run it out of trouble and scoot for first downs if he's unaccounted for. So, the best answer is a guy that has qualities of both. However, the number one items have to be accuracy and decision-making, and given your parameters that probably puts him in the gunslinger category.

Q: What are the chances of landing David Sills? I know he will enroll in January where ever he chooses to go to school.

A: Very good. The only drawback might be that he's similar in style to current commit Chris Chugunov, and WVU isn't likely to take three QBs in this class, so this second commit has to be a guy that the Mountaineers are totally comfortable with. Look for WVU to continue to recruit other QBs while it also courts Stills.

Q: Is there any further insight to give on Tarik Phillip's legal concerns, towards probable outcome and his arrival?

A: Phillip is in Morgantown, but hasn't been listed officially on the roster yet. That appears to be a procedural thing, in that he won't be on the roster until enrolled and the legal issues either fully resolved or an all-clear indicated by the legal system. He has another court date set for July 31, but there is no indication that either of the issues will keep him from playing for West Virginia this year.

Q: Has our JUCO target list for basketball expanded beyond T.J. Dunans and Luis Montero?

A: Thaddeus Hall, a juco swingman who is originally from Brooklyn, N.Y., is one player to watch. He helped Jones County J.C win the NJCAA national title this past spring.

Q: What percentage chance do we have of landing Lamar Jackson? Jordan Whitehead? Nyheim Hines?

A: My preaching about the guesswork of laying a percentage chance on landing a particular recruit apparently hasn't taken hold. (That's ok, many sermons are sleep inducers.) WVU has as good a chance as anyone of landing Jackson, but with all of the schools in the competition, the overall odds have to be lowered a bit. Call it 10%, but I don't think anyone else has a significantly higher percentage.

I'll call Whitehead 30%, with Penn State and Ohio State in a similar range. Hines is still open, but he mentions WVU right along with N.C. State, Ohio State and Utah, which has intrigued him. I'd probably put the Wolfpack in the lead, but the Mountaineer still have a shot.

Q: What have you heard about the rumor Levi Cook was thinking about decommitting from WVU?

A: Every time I check in with Cook, he laughs about the rumors of him leaving prep school, or going back to Liberty, or playing football, or whatever the word of the day is. There's nothing solid to this that I have heard.

Q: What are our chances of landing Tim Settle?How did his visit go?

A: Settle's visit went well, but it's going to be tough for the Mountaineers to land the highly-regarded defender. There are a ton of contenders in the game, and Settle said recently he is shutting down recruiting for now. That probably plays into the hands of the bigger names, who have less selling to do in order to make their programs attractive.

Q: How many more scholarships do you think we give out for 2015?

A: WVU will likely get to 20 in this class, but again, that's an estimate based on the guesswork of attrition. If four or five scholarship players leave during this season or before signing day, the number could go higher.

Q: What is the latest with the King kid from FL who was really high on us?

A: If you are talking Damian King, the wide receiver is scheduled to visit WVU for its final camp on July 26. He recently indicated he's probably not going to make a decision until after his senior season, and might stretch his decision out until Signing Day.

Q: Do we have any reason to be excited about this Demetris Robertson offer?

A: Any time a player gets offered this early, I would say there is reason for interest. Robertson has a lot already, so of course the pressuer in recruiting is going to mount. But give Lonnie Galloway the chance to work on a player like this for a couple of years, and there is reason for optimism.

Q: How are we looking with Steven Smothers?

A: WVU's offesnive style fits Smothers, and the Mountaineers have been recruiting him for a good while. He's been on campus, so he knows what West Virginia has to offer. The challenge from new schools getting in the mix more recently will be tough, but WVU's staff has already built a very good relationship with him. That counts for something.

Q: Are we still interested in BB prospect Brandon Childress of Mich? He is not listed on B&G list of prospects and there has been no comment about him for some time.

A: WVU is still in the mix for Childress, who is also receiving some interest in football. Still, it appears he is set to play basketball in college. We've updated the database.

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