Ministers of Defense

Defensive coordinator Tony Gibson and line coach Tom Bradley address West Virginia's better quality of depth, give thoughts on how often contact drills should be utilized and delve into their approach, both overall and entering the first full week of fall camp for the Mountaineers.

Bradley, also the Senior Associate Head Coach, expounds upon how the collegiate game has changed, the varying style of offenses, his philosophy on the frequency of full-contact practices and other thoughts on the overall landscape of the game. Bradley also, once again, reiterates how pleased he is with the work of Director of Strength and Conditioning Mike Joseph and his staff, and how the Mountaineers entered camp in exceptional shape across the board.

Here, Gibson discusses the development of individual players, the overall acumen of his unit, the increased depth quality and how players will begin to shape the two- and three-deep over the coming days as West Virginia gets into the hitting phases of fall practice sessions.

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