Defense Building

We take a look inside WVU's eighth fall practice as they work on defensive line drills, along with a few wide receiver and cornerback matchups.

The West Virginia defensive lineman, here, take note of some advice given from assistant coach, Tom Bradley. From left to right, Shaquille Riddick, Kyle Rose and Dontrill Hyman line up to practice basic techniques they are going to need to master before battling in the trenches of the Big 12.

Many of these drills may seem very simple, but they form the foundation of play at every position. Without the correct first step or positioning, the fight up front will usually be lost. (Editor's note: We overlaid this clip with music to keep signal calls from being heard.)

Seen below are run-throughs on basic defensive breakdowns for some younger players. Freshman running back, Donte Thomas-Williams, takes off from the end line mimicking a wide receiver, giving an opportunity for Jarrod Harper to practice his defensive coverage down the field. Another freshman, Ricky Rogers, bursts off the line, giving Wes Tonkery an opportunity to practice pushing the receiver to the outside. Finally, freshman safety Daejuan Funderburk tries to change it up as he puts a move on senior safety Cullen Christian down the field.

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