Ready For A Healthy Start

Terrell Chestnut can only ask for a healthy new chapter, as a career hampered by injuries is hopefully taking a turn for the better.

“I feel great.”

Those are the only words Mountaineer fans needed to hear from Terrell Chestnut. Chestnut, who has been plagued with injuries since high school, says he is finally healthy enough to finally display his full abilities.

“I think I am finally allowed to display what I can do,” said Chestnut. “Obviously I have run into a lot of injuries since I’ve been here, but I’m finally feeling healthy.”

The junior corner has been set back with injury after injury before and during his tenure at West Virginia, starting with a shoulder tear his senior year of high school. During his freshman year at WVU, he again tore his shoulder and was unable to play the remainder of the year. Sadly, Chestnut’s rough start did not get any easier. During the Pinstripe Bowl his second year on the team, he left the field with a knee injury, the same knee he is still rehabbing.

Chestnut knows that the fans expect a lot out of him, and he expects a lot out of himself so rehabbing multiple injuries has been very frustrating.

“Since coming here I have learned to appreciate the game even more, knowing not to take anything for granted.” Chestnut said. “It can be taken away from you really, really fast.”

Despite the fact he has been set back by injuries, there was never a time where he contemplated giving up the game. Chestnut admitted getting back on the field was a great a feeling.

“It was an amazing feeling honestly. Going out there and playing with out having to worry about it,” Chestnut said. “It was satisfying, but I was never content with it because I have been down injury road, and it can happen at anytime,”

Chestnut can be an excellent defensive back for the Mountaineers. Listed as the backup left cornerback behind Ishmael Banks on the most recent depth chart, Chestnut has the potential to make some big plays for WVU. Even cornerback coach, Brian Mitchell, has previously acknowledged Chestnuts ability to make an impact if he can stay healthy.

"The athleticism is obvious," Mitchell said. "But his wisdom shows maturity beyond his years. He's seen a lot of football at this school. He goes back three coaching staffs. He is a player-coach out there. His leadership has really impressed me."

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