More Camp Scenes

West Virginia reached the halfway point of fall football camp over the weekend. Here's a look at more recent on-field action.

Jaleel Fields is in the swing of things as he gets loose prior to individual drills

Tyree Owens stretches out prior to practice

Backups Nick O'Toole (91) and Michael Molinari (48) were excellent in their field goal reps

Intense as ever, assistant coach Joe DeForest oversees special teams work

Jordan Thompson sets sail on a return

Daryl Worley squeezes a kick

Sean Walters gets a bit of air as he awaits his reps

Dustin Garrison (29) and Dreamius Smith (2) execute a perfect double team on a kickoff return

Mark Glowinski (65) puts all his effort into blocking the hard-charging Kyle Rose (93)

Defensive coordinator Tony Gibson reacts to a bad play

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