Battles In The Trench

West Virginia's offensive and defensive fronts, aided by the running backs and linebackers, respectively, squared off in a physical session designed to drill play recognition and team communication and play.

Below, two videos of an up close look at the action of the Mountaineer first teams. WVU line coach Ron Crook and backs mentor JaJuan Seider oversee the offensive side, while defensive coordinator Tony Gibson and assistants Tom Bradley and Damon Cogdell eye defensive work. Watch the defense as it executes certain calls based upon the location of the running back in an attempt to properly fill gaps, create gaps to attack or overload in certain blitz packages. The line operates similarly, picking up oncoming defenders, or allowing them to go past pending back location. Note that the offense has switched to blue uniforms, while the defense is now wearing white.

The session is particularly effective at identifying mental miscues, and it gives the coaches a solid idea of who is grasping the schemes, attacking assignments effectively and generally manning the position as necessary within the offensive and defensive schemes, respectively.

And finally, a glimpse at a combination blocking drill from Crook's offensive line. Players here are double-teaming a foe and working on hand and head placement, footwork and leg drive, among other aspects.

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