Individual To Team

One of the best ways to build a total side of the ball is to incorporate individual unit drills and, once those skills are honed, put two pieces together in one session. West Virginia does just that in practice, working the quarterbacks and backs first as individuals, then as a tandem.

The quarterbacks, early in practice, run through a typical throwing drill, practicing footwork, mechanics, accuracy, release and more. Note offensive coordinator and position coach Shannon Dawson correcting even the most minute of missteps.

The backs, under the watch of JaJuan Seider, run through "gaps" represented by metal outlines. Seider, to better footwork and reaction and decision making, will jump into the gap, representing a linebacker and forcing the back into the "vacated" hole.

And, in the final video, the two positions put the work together in a set of passing plays. Dawson, Seider and head coach Dana Holgorsen oversee the drill, which is then flipped as the backs start from a flared out or slot position.

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