Coming Together

The clock is ticking as West Virginia enters its final days of fall camp in preparing for the Aug. 30 season opener against No. 2 Alabama. For all the challenges the Tide pose defensively, new offensive coordinator Lane Kiffin is a wild card with which the Mountaineer defensive assistants must deal.

Here, three staff members detail WVU's defensive evolution, their thorough approach from recruiting to player development, and get into specifics of player-coach relationships and more.

Leading off, senior associate head coach Tom Bradley - again an excellent interview - discusses how he plans to utilize the increased depth quality, how the number of plays per game affects that judgment, and how he relates to players on a personal level, always understanding that you're dealing with humans, not just Xs and Os.

Defensive coordinator Tony Gibson, below, describes what skillsets West Virginia desires in its hybrid spur position, how it approaches recruiting the rarest of specimens in great defensive linemen, and delves into individual player attributes and position battles.

And finally, in staying with the linemen theme, position coach Damon Cogdell talks about Christian Brown, some walk-ons that have helped, his motivational styles and how he mimics former WVU assistant and head coach Bill Stewart.

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