Getting Defensive

Terrell Chestnut and assistant coach Joe DeForest understand that the team played well against Alabama, but a loss is still a loss. It's the ability to build upon lessons learned that will make a difference.

With a key day of Towson prep already behind him, Terrell Chestnut was not stuck in the past. Chestnut discussed his take on the game against Alabama, but didn't sulk about defeat. Chestnut, who got the start against the Tide, is ready for the Tigers' ground-based offense. Although Towson is an FCS team, Chestnut says it has some "very good" characteristics.

Fellow corner Daryl Worley had a tough matchup against All-SEC wide receiver Amari Cooper, but showed why he was the top corner on the team. Coach Joe DeForest mentioned Worley's exceptional game and discussed how special teams has only improved from last season, which was showcased by Mario Alford's extraordinary 100-yard kickoff return.

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