Both Sides Of The Story

It was a display of superiority on all three sides of the ball, that 54-0 knockout delivered by West Virginia. Here, the view from two different sides as coordinator Tony Gibson and center Tyler Orlosky dissect the win over Towson.

Gibson, who has his first career shutout in just his second game as a defensive coordinator at the major college level, spoke about the desire to see a "clean game" - i.e. tackling well, getting to the quarterback and getting off the field on third downs, which West Virginia did with exceptional efficiency. Gibson also gave insights into some variances in the pressure and blitz schemes, and how pleased he remains with the overall effort.

Orlosky, who graded out the highest of any WVU lineman against Alabama, detailed the development of the line, its situational play against Towson, a schematic miscue that cost it on three straight plays from the two-yard line without a touchdown, and the team's mindset entering the Maryland game, which Orlosky said was more than a bit upsetting last season.

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