WVU Receivers Taking Care Of Business

West Virginia's wide receivers have shown massive improvement, and Lonnie Galloway is a large reason for it.

“Like we’ve had all year, it’s just a different feel from the guys,” said Lonnie Galloway when the assistant coach met the media on Tuesday. Galloway makes a good point, and sums up the difference from this season with the last. It is obvious that the 2014 Mountaineers have a fire that was not present last year. The changes have been seen trough the offensive success, and defensive improvements, but for Galloway it has been all about the wide receivers.

“He’s a year stronger, he’s a year faster, he’s a year into the system,” Galloway mentioned about Kevin White’s progression. To WVU’s coaches it sounds like being good at football is the same as any other job. Confidence is key, and experience is always necessary. If college football was a company, Kevin White would be the CEO and Mario Alford would be Vice President.

The progression has shown through both players continuous ability to beat one-on-one man coverage, and make plays down the field. Alford’s longest play was an over-the-shoulder 43-yard touchdown catch against Maryland after he beat the one-on-one coverage. White’s ability to create separating has been obvious with more than 600-yards receiving.

“We don’t have to think too much, everything is coming very easy for us,” White said about the offenses advancement this season. Which, as mentioned, is much different than the feeling from last season. White also went on to say that even after a loss the emotion in the locker room is still high, especially going into Saturday's game as it was clear that the Mountaineers want to beat Kansas. White made it apparent that after last year’s embarrassing defeat, the team was going to be ready for revenge. Luckily, for Alford and White Kansas will most likely stack the box leaving WVU’s star wide receivers in man coverage on the outside.

“I like man coverage,” said White. “I just have to work on my technique and attack the ball.”

Attacking the ball has been a forte for White this season, and should enjoy his day against the Kansas secondary. Expect to see the Mountaineers look for the deep ball early in often to help open up the run game, and pressure the Jayhawks’ secondary down the field. Kansas just moved defensive coordinator, Clint Bowers, to interim head coach. So, Look for this Jayhawks defensive unit to be prepared for the Mountaineers' high powered offense.

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