Bits and Bytes: WVU - Texas Tech

It's a pre-noon kickoff on the plains of West Texas, but not too late for our last bits of information prior to the West Virginia - Texas Tech game.


On West Virginia's last trip to Lubbock, Tech's Masked Rider didn't lead the team onto the field due to an illness of his horse, which eventually led to the steed’s retirement and a selection of a new mount. What other famous mascot appearance did WVU miss during a recent road game?


Texas Tech is giving away 10,000 free waffles to fans prior to the WVU game this Saturday. The promotion is meant to boost fan support for the game, and has been tagged #turndownforwaffles. For a school that was once known for throwing tortillas on the field during games, this might not be the best idea. (In fairness, we note that not one airborne flatbread was to be seen inside Jones AT&T Stadium during WVU's last trip to Lubbock.)


Not only does Texas Tech provide the media with food at its Monday interview session, it also lists the entire season schedule in its game notes. Over the rest of the season, Abuelo's, Honeychild Catering and Fuddruckers will be providing the spreads.


Texas Tech has not started 0-3 in conference play since joining the Big 12 back in 1996. The last time the Red Raiders went 0-3 to start league play was in 1985 when Tech started 0-5 in the Southwest Conference. To try to stave off a repeat, Tech’s players held a brief meeting without coaches earlier in the week to clear the air. What kind of effect will that have on their play this weekend? Such things are always looked at in hindsight. If Tech wins, the meeting will get some play. If WVU extends the Red Raiders’ losing streak, it won’t be mentioned.


Despite missing the last two games due to suspension, cornerback Daryl Worley is still sixth on the team in tackles with 17.

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Worley was cleared to practice early in the week by some mysterious University process, procedure or panel that the football coaching staff would not comment on. Wednesday afternoon, head coach Dana Holgorsen reinstated him to the team, noting in a prepared statement that Worley had pleaded no contest to a misdemeanor assault charge. That has been the only substantive comment from the coaching staff regarding Worley’s situation, and it's fully understandable that the coaching staff kept mum, because it didn't want to create the appearance of interference in whatever process was playing out at the administration level, or rouse the ire of anyone involved outside the athletic program. However, that didn't excuse the school itself from making a brief statement about the process, which it could have done without violating Worley's privacy rights. (That's a shield that just about every entity in the U.S. hides behind when it doesn't want to say anything.)

Without mentioning Worley or his case specifically, would there be any harm in explaining how the process works, and what must happen for a suspension to be lifted?


Since 2000, Texas Tech receivers have caught 550 touchdowns passes and hauled in 69,361 passing yards - both of which lead the nation. Red Raider receiver Michael Crabtree headed the production parade, and in the process earned back to back Biletnikoff Awards in 2007 and 2008. The big passing yardage totals helped put Tech in the number one position in total yardage over the last 13+ season, as it has amassed 88,018 markers in that stretch. That’s just more than 50 miles worth of offense, or the distance from Lubbock to Morton, Tex.


In 2009, a pregame thunderstorm led to the cancellation of the flight of Auburn's Eagle prior to the game.

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