Defensive Outlook: WVU vs Oklahoma State

West Virginia's defense had perhaps its finest performance in several years against Baylor last weekend. Now, it must reset and tweak its approach against an Oklahoma State spread offense with a vastly different approach. Here are thoughts from the players and coaches within three different levels of the scheme on the last game, and the game to come.

First, coordinator Tony Gibson, who also coaches linebackers, provides insight as to his thoughts on the Mountaineers' performance against Baylor after film review. Gibson also spoke to a defense taking on the aggressiveness of its play calling, what he expects from Oklahoma State, the progression of the defense from the first few games and the combination of coverage and pressure that West Virginia executed exceptionally well against a Baylor team that, first, didn't expect it, and then also couldn't adequately adjust.

Line coach Damon Cogdell details the development of Shaq Riddick, his thoughts on the multiple odd stack implemented by Gibson - and how it would translate against the athletic prep offenses in South Florida - and the overall development of WVU's line, which will face solid tests over the next few weeks.

Bandit safety Karl Joseph discusses his move closer to the line of scrimmage, the ability to be a superior threat to an opponent's run game, his communication with Dravon Henry and how the freshman has progressed at his former free slot, and his preferences for the coverages and schemes West Virginia is employing against widely varying spread attacks.

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