Bits and Bytes: WVU - Oklahoma State

Oklahoma State's tight sidelines, a big home advantage and more in our final newsdrop before West Virginia and the Cowboys do battle.


It's common knowledge that WVU head coach Dana Holgorsen and special teams coach Joe DeForest served on the Oklahoma State staff, but there is another tie between two of the coaches in the game. Can you name the coaches and the connection?


OSU is 23-2 in its last 24 games at home, and clearly benefits from a raucous home crowd that makes a lot of noise in tight confines. It's also homecoming on the Cowboy campus, which should amp up the intensity even further prior to kickoff.


One of the things that makes T. Boone Pickens Stadium such a tough place to play is the lack of space on the sidelines. There are just a few feet between the playing field and the stadium walls, which puts the home fans right over the shoulders of the visitors. Things are so tight, in fact, that there's no room for photographers switching ends of the field to do so behind the benches. They must first go up into the stands and make their way through the regular seating area in order to do so. Add in the massive amounts of space taken up by the OSU cheerleaders and dance teams, and it's the most difficult and crowded locale in the league.

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The small footprint stems largely from the fact that stadium renovations over the years, most notably the Pickens-funded ones, never moved the stadium walls or seating areas out. OSU's on-campus facility, built in 1919, is the oldest stadium ground west of the Mississippi River, edging Washington's by a single year and those of Stanford and Kansas by two. The best chances to expand the ground space came when the two sides of the stadium were renovated in 2004 and 2006.


All but four of West Virginia's 48 scoring drives this year have taken fewer than four minutes of playing time.


Oklahoma State has managed just a single field goal on opening drives this year, getting a three-pointer against Missouri State on a ten play, 59-yard possession. On its other six possessions, it has averaged fewer than four plays and eight yards per try.


OSU linebacker Devante Averette, who committed to West Virginia before switching to OSU, has played in two games (Texas Tech and Iowa State) and has a total of three tackles this year. He is listed as a backup linebacker on the Cowboy depth chart.


Oklahoma State safeties coach Tim Duffie and West Virginia wide receivers coach Lonnie Galloway both served on the Wake Forest coaching staff in 2012. They'll be matching wits for the second time in this series.

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