Picks and Pontifications: WVU - Oklahoma St

A lone ranger of a selector rode his pick to the top of the leaderboard this week, but a tough road game against a dangerous foe could challenge our panel as WVU heads west to take on Oklahoma State.


CJ crunched the numbers and came up with a WVU win over Baylor, the only panelist to do so. With that, he moved into a tie atop the leaderboard with Tony, and made it seven panelists with just a single loss this year. It remains one of the closest competitions in our picks history. If Greg can find a way to make up the one game deficit, he could assume the lead in the contest.


The point differentials were the worst of the year, but realy, there was no way to go but down after the very close selections stringing back the last few weeks. Greg was the closest with a miss of 25 points.

Tony Dobies Last Week: L Season: 6-1 Point Differential: 113
WVU will have to prove that it can head on the road and convincingly beat a decent opponent if it truly wants to be taken seriously in the Big 12 title race. The Cowboys haven't looked like themselves in a few weeks, but they're coming back home and should be amped for an opportunity to revenge their performance last year against WVU and last week's loss to TCU. The Mountaineers should have enough fire power on offense and stopping power on defense to win this one, however, and potentially set up a huge matchup in Morgantown a week later with the Horned Frogs.
West Virginia 38-28

Roger "CJ" Harvey Last Week: W Season: 6-1 Point Differential: 113
West Virginia is ranked for the first time since 2012, but don’t expect to see that top-25 notch by their name much longer. Oklahoma State, though struggling in the pass game, can still light up scoreboards. Yes, Tony Gibson had a picture perfect defensive gameplan against Baylor, but Bryce Petty overthrew many deep targets that were open. If Petty is not off his game the final score might not have ended in WVU’s favor.

Last Saturday proved, yet again, that Milan Puskar Stadium still has magic for the Mountaineers, but Boone Pickens Stadium is not home. Oklahoma State wins without breaking a sweat.
Oklahoma State 42-28

Michael Carvelli Last Week: L Season: 6-1 Point Differential: 117
West Virginia is going to have to work hard to avoid a letdown in this one against an Oklahoma State team that, even though it’s struggling, is always pretty tough to beat in Stillwater. If the Mountaineer defense can come to play the way it did against Baylor and in the second half against Texas Tech and the offense keeps clicking the way it has been, WVU should be able to leave with a nice win in this road test heading into a really fun showdown against TCU in a week.
West Virginia 41-31

Chris Richardson Last Week: L Season: 6-1 Point Differential: 118
West Virginia had far and away its best overall outing of the season last weekend, which is saying something because through seven games, this team has been very good. So while I could sit here and give you all the reasons why the Mountaineers could lose on Saturday, I'm done doubting this team. I'm drinking the Kool-Aid. I'm all in.

Yes, it's a road game. Yes, Oklahoma State is good. But WVU is better. Dana Holgorsen's maturation as a head coach continues with another big road win, this time in Stillwater.
West Virginia 41-35

Matt Keller Last Week: L Season: 6-1 Point Differential: 120
Clint Trickett was asked this week if Oklahoma State was a classic trap game. His response: "They're favored." Which is true; OSU opened as the favorites with a three-point spread. But there's a multitude of things that bother me in this one. A handful of match-ups, WVU entering overconfident, the revenge factor for the Cowboys, the Mountaineers practicing in 50 degree weather and playing in 85-plus degree weather. West Virginia's defense can't utilize the same strategy it did against Baylor, because OSU runs constant crossing patterns and screens that will burn man coverage and six-to-seven-man blitzes, respectively. It'll have to use more of the game plan of Texas Tech - varied, more layered coverage while picking its chances to pressure - and it isn't likely to tackle quite as well in this game than it did last, when it missed just six against BU.

Oklahoma State is also getting healthier in the secondary, and its front four - especially its ends - are solid run stoppers. West Virginia will have to take advantage on the outside and its shots downfield while also perhaps piecing more quality plays together than it had to at times against Baylor's defense, which presses the line in mass numbers. Add in arguably the most dangerous kickoff returner in the nation, and a team that simply cannot find away to generate turnovers, and this game shapes up exactly as the line states. I'll take what most on here consider the upset in this one.
Oklahoma State 30-27

Jonathan Martin Last Week: L Season: 6-1 Point Differential: 129
Who would've predicted that seven weeks into the season West Virginia would be a Top 25 football team? Every week I put ink to paper predicting games wondering if this is the week the luck runs dry ... or maybe it's not luck. Maybe this is simply a different team. Oklahoma State is going to play with an edge this week after being blown out by TCU, but West Virginia is coming off a thrilling win over top ranked Baylor. I doubt the Mountaineers want to go backwards. This team is destined for great things. West Virginia scores early and often and holds off the Cowboys in Stillwater.
West Virginia 41-34

Andy Easton Last Week: L Season: 6-1 Point Differential: 143
The Cowboys have lost to the two good teams they have played and haven't really been that impressive in games that have won, but they have home field advantage. If this game were at WVU or a neutral field I would take the Mountaineers, but the home field advantage will be too much to overcome.
Oklahoma State 35-31

Greg Hunter Last Week: L Season: 5-2 Point Differential: 99
Oklahoma State’s offense is good (33.1 points per game) ,but that is mid-level in the Big 12. Statistically West Virginia is better than OSU in most offensive and defensvie categories. The one definite edge the Cowboys have is home field advantage. That extra lift from the Stillwater crowd could be big, but if the Mountaineers can overcome that, they should be able to pull out a victory.
West Virginia 33-27

Jane Donovan Last Week: L Season: 5-2 Point Differential: 130
The Mountaineers are going into Okie State banged up, but hopefully Clint Trickett has recovered from that nasty virus of last weekend, and Kevin White will continue constructing one of the greatest individual seasons in WVU history. Trickett to White and we all sleep better at night. I want to send a special shout-out this week to Cody Clay, who has been playing like his hair is on fire, but then that might lead to yet one more joke about Trickett's perfect hair.
West Virginia 31-24

Brian Jolliff Last Week: L Season: 5-2 Point Differential: 148
WVU heads into Boone Pickens Stadium this Saturday in Stillwater for what could be its fourth win in a row... something that has Mountaineer Nation excited. But one thing that I've learned over the years of being a Mountaineer fan is that you never get your hopes up too high. State is coming off of a crushing defeat last week at the hands of the TCU Horned Frogs, so it is difficult to predict how the Cowboys might react this weekend at home. WVU is riding high following its impressive showing from last week, and I'm slightly hopeful that it will ride that momentum to one more victory this weekend in what should be a straight-up even fight.
West Virginia 38-31

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