Keep It Simple, WVU Says

The easier the concept, the shorter amount of time it takes to comprehend the material. For West Virginia this means not forcing the deep ball, and finding cohesion on special teams.

Kevin White was held to a season low 27-yards against Oklahoma State. The Cowboys covered White with a lot of double coverage, and forced Clint Trickett to find other receivers. Trickett didn't force balls to his favorite target, and used his other weapons - such as Jordan Thompson and Mario Alford - to help seal the win. Assistant coach, Lonnie Galloway, said there is no need force such passes especially since WVU is loaded with offensive talent.

Special teams, to the general public, looks like a bunch of blockers or tacklers running down the field to make a play. Even coach, Joe DeForest, knows that the public's mentality is a bit skewed from the truth. DeForest said people don't understand the amount of working parts on special teams. This is the one part of the game where you don't have complete unity. Special teams is a mix of both offensive and defensive players, and there need to be an existing cohesion for success.

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