Game Day Excitement For WVU

Although it's just been three seasons since ESPN's COllege Football GameDay has been to West Virginia University's campus, excitement was palpable from the moment the news broke. A tent city immediately sprung up, with the earliest line sitters making their way to the WVU Mountainlair Plaza on Sunday.

"We got here Sunday at five o'clock'" WVU junior Britany Brown said. "It was really spontaneous. As soon as they announced it on Sunday morning, we said, 'We've got to get out there.'"

While Brown's group started out quickly, it wasn't as if they were without a plan. They hit a local store for a tent and supplies, then got to the Mountainlair Plaza to set up. Finding they were the first, they thought that WVU officials might discourage them from camping out, but that didn't happen. Perhaps contributing to that decision was the orderly way in which the set up has proceeded. In many ways, it's become a small society.

"Once we were here we were in it for good," Brown said. "We weren't expecting it to get this big, but we hope we have started a tradition. We love it. It's Tent City."

Brown's first spot in line also accorded her the job of creating and passing out number tags, with the blessing of the GameDay production crew, so that campers can line up according to their order of arrival. As of Thursday morning she had handed out #184, with additional people arriving in a regular stream. Tents numbers at least 220 by early Friday.

Brittany Brown was first in line

Tents and campers await the Game Day program on Saturday

Tents crowd available space on the plaza

Badges for line numbers are heading into the hundreds

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