Hidden Angle In WVU - Texas A&M Bowl

The familiarity factor in the 2014 Liberty Bowl isn't limited to just Texas A&M offensive coordinator Jake Spavital and the Mountaineer coaching staff.

The advantages, angles and analysis of everything around the Spavital - Dana Holgorsen relationship has been done to death, but there's another set of relationships that hasn't received much scrutiny.

Those are the ones that exist between Spavital and the players he recruited and coached at West Virginia -- an area that could give A&M an edge in Monday's contest.

First, Spavital will intimately know the strengths -- and weaknesses -- of many of West Virginia's players on both sides of the ball. That may give him a better idea of how to attack the Mountaineer defense, and, via information sharing with the Aggie offensive coaches, extend that edge to A&M's offense. While it's true that he has been gone for two years, he still has a good library of information stored up. He noted that many of the younger players who were around then are now starters and key backups, and that he knows "all but two or three" of the Mountaineer defensive players.

That knowledge doesn't just exist on the field. Spavital was a key recruiter for a handful of current Mountaineers, including Daryl Worley and Al-Rasheed Benton, and like most coaches, has kept those relationships despite moving on to a new job.

Somewhat surprisingly, there hasn't been a moratorium on contact between the two camps since the Liberty Bowl match-up was announced. In addition to several subtled and not-so-subtle jabs exchanged between Holgorsen and Spavital, there have been some communications between players and former coach as well.

In this interview, Worley describes his latest encounter with Spavital, his thoughts upon hearing the bowl match-up, and his opinion on whether or not his former coach's knowledge provides a big advantage. to A&M.

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