More WVU Baseball Preview: Fox and Munden

West Virginia's batting line-up could go through more shuffles than a deck in Vegas. But it seems a few positions are set, no more so than the left side of the infield with Taylor Munden at short and Justin Fox at third. Here, the two delve into preseason practices, player positions, preseason expectations and offensive pressures because of a severe pitching rebuild.

Munden, who hit .261 last season with a team-high 16 doubles and 21 walks - good for second-most - speaks to his approach to the team rebuild, his ability to motivate and give insights as to the season long mental and physical toll the 54-game slate takes and the evolving abilities of some of the freshmen.

Fox, who has been essentially penned in at third, is expected to improve his .226 average with just one extra base hit last season in 22 starts and 35 games played. Here, the senior talks team continuity, personal player responsibility, and his thoughts on goals for the remainder of preseason drills as well as the initial portions of the season, when West Virginia will play 22 road games in their first 23 contests.

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