For Myers, One Item Stands Out In Recruiting

Junior college guard Teyvon Myers is in the midst of his final round of campus visits before making his Division I choice. It's not shiny facilities or glitzy accoutrements that have his attention -- rather, it's one of the building blocks of any successful team that he is looking for. He updates after his visit to West Virginia.

"This was my first visit to West Virginia, and honestly it surprised me," Myers related. "I didn't think it was that big, and really the whole city was part of the university. The practice facility was great. You go in there and everything is good -- it's all right there for you."

While Myers admitted those parts of the program were good, they weren't the things he was looking for on this visit -- or on any of his final trips upon which he will base his decision. Instead, he's looking at the relationships among the players, and between the players and the coaches, as keys that will help him make his choice.

"The campus was beautiful and the city and area were really good, but more importantly I like the fact that the guys were a family. They stick together through adversity, and they are always together. The coaches stick with with them, and Coach Huggins and the assistants are family to them. I watched the interaction a lot while I was there, and that was really good. That is very important to me.

"What matters to me who is going to push you to be the best you can be, and I can see that in Bob Huggins. Those are the things I am looking for."

With interest from Louisville, Arizona State, Seton Hall, Utah, Creighton and Xavier as well as West Virginia, Myers still has some sorting out to do before reaching his final decision. He plans visits to the first two schools on that list over the next couple of weeks, and will also select one more to take a final trip to before making his choice. He does plan on making a decision "pretty soon". West Virginia, as his only offer at this point, is high on his list, but he did not rank any schools or provide an order of preference.

Myers helped Williston State to a 25-5 record this year, and did "everything I could" to help his team win a title. While they fell short of that goal, it wasn't due to any fault of Myers, who averaged 25 points per game while shooting 45% from the field and 36.7% from 3-point range. An 85% free throw shooter, he played off the ball for the most part for the Tetons, but noted that West Virginia's coaches said he would be a combo guard, similar to Jevon Carter, were he to become a Mountaineer.

"The season went good, and I concentrated on keeping my teammates together," Myers said, which explains some of the importance he places on togetherness in his college search. "I was always talking in practice and on the floor. I tried to do everything I needed to do to win."

Checking in at 6-2 and 178 lbs., Myers is on track to graduate this spring.

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