WVU Players Mix Fun, Preparation

The NCAA tournament is, as freshman Daxter Miles said, a business trip. But at the same time, it's also a reward for a successful season that should be enjoyed.

As West Virginia prepares for its game against Buffalo on Friday, the Mountaineers have been paying attention to scouting reports, rehabbing injuries, going through drills and doing all of the usual things necessary to prepare for a game. They also, though, are taking time to enjoy what is for almost all of them their first trip to the NCAA tournament. While they can't get out and sample the nightlife or party with the Mountaineer fans who will be flooding Columbus, they are finding ways in which to take in the atmosphere and build memories of their trip.

For some, it's shooting photos and videos on their camera phones and posting to social media. For others, its watching other tournament games, keeping an eye on Big 12 teams or squads with friends. And for all, its getting some time with family members who are in town.

Nathan Adrian discussed the preparation process, and what he looks to accomplish during the one 40-minute period allowed on the game court prior to thee contest. He also detailed the way in which he spends his time watching games.

Elijah Macon has waited a long time for an NCAA trip since first committing to WVU back in high school. His prep path from Ohio to West Virginia to New Hampshire has been a long one, and that has made him very appreciative of the chance to play in the tournament. He also details his prep work for the game, and lights up when discussing the chance to spend time with his family.

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