WVU's Ball Security Drills

West Virginia's renewed focus upon ball security was at the center of much offseason talk. Here, the Mountaineers begin to hone in on that skill in a variety of drills held right at the start of practice, showcasing the emphasis on both creating turnovers, and protecting the ball on the opposite end.

First, WVU gets even its defensive linemen involved, as the trench players try and punch the ball out from a fellow linemen before diving on it to recover. It isn't a pretty showing, with 280-plus pounders flopping on the ground, but it could prove effective and vital during the regular season.

At the same time, WVU worked fumble recovery with its linebackers and some skill players like safeties and corners. Defensive coordinator Tony Gibson tosses balls on the ground as players scramble to make the recovery. That came into play in the score zone session later on Saturday, when the offense put multiple balls on the ground, one of which could have been a scoop and score if the defensive player hadn't wanted to ensure he recovered first. A wise, fundamentally-sound play, but one that didn't result in six.

And, because it seems to be among our most popular and well-viewed drills, the Oklahoma makes another appearance here, this time with the smaller guys, a la the skill players.

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