WVU Spring Practice - Offense & Placekick

We've taken a look at defensive drills and player interviews from Saturday's open practice session in Morgantown. Now, here are some glimpses of the "other two sides of the ball," including the quarterbacks and some solid tutelage from offensive line coach Ron Crook.

First, however, a look at placekicker Josh Lambert and a pair of successful tries in the middle of WVU's approximately two-hour session on Saturday. Lambert looked solid again, and the ball showed good pop of his leg, especially on a 42-yarder he hit with ease that would have been good from at least 50 yards out.

Among the primary battles being played out, both on the field and in the minds of most media, is for the starting quarterback position. Besides our breakdown of the individual strengths of the top three of Skyler Howard, William Crest and Chris Chugunov, here's a look at one of the more unique drills - one focused on keeping the eyes down field while feeling for and avoiding pressure and the defense's attempt to strip the ball.

And finally, offensive line coach Ron Crook leads his unit through a step and drive drill focused on techniques like hand placement, and sealing the defender to one side to drive them away from the play development. Listen in as Crook gives instructions, and continually encourages his players.

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