WVU Defensive Turnover & More Oklahoma Drills

West Virginia has harped on turnovers and crisp tackling going into the offseason and spring practice sessions. Here, the Mountaineers work on those aspects of play, including fumble strip and recovery and cornerback pass catching. We also bring you another look at Oklahoma drills.

First, a look at the Tony Gibson-overseen defensive line and linebacker rush and strip drills. Here, the players rush the pocket, secure the wrap tackle with one arm while also trying to knock the ball loose and recover. Check for the players watching the snap, not just listening to Gibson's cadence, and using solid fundamentals in causing the fumble and during the recovery.

The corners, under Brian Mitchell, also worked on interceptions, locating the ball in the air and securing it in this quick-paced drill. Mitchell fires the ball at his charges, who make the grab and get back upfield.

And, because it's among our most requested looks, another glimpse of the Oklahoma drill, this time in close proximity at field level.

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