NFL Draft Call: WVU

Mock drafts are all over as the annual NFL Selection Meetings, otherwise known as the NFL Draft, loom this week. Where do West Virginia's players figure to fit in the three-day extravaganza, which begins Thursday evening?

West Virginia has six seniors with varying chances of selection in the NFL Draft, which begins Thursday night and extends for three days in a made-for-TV event. Wide receiver Kevin White has gotten the lion's share of the attention, but other Mountaineers have good chances of being selected -- and even if they don't, free agency options await that could provide a path to the pros.

Using a variety of sources and input from a number of draft devotees, here's our view of where each West Virginia alumnus might fall in the draft.

Mario Alford

West Virginia's "other" wide receiver was overshadowed by White, especially after the latter blazed through the NFL combine and workouts with an excellent performance. However, Alford has speed in his own right, and while can take time to get into top gear, his ability to catch the ball and run by defenders is a definite plus for NFL scouts. His return ability is also a bonus, but his height (five feet, eight inches) and reach don't help him in those looking for more potential. His value could be driven up if there is a run on receivers early, and the thinking here is that is just what will happen.

The Pick: Fourth Round

Mark Glowinski

A mauler at guard, Glowinski boosted his stock at the combine and in his pro day workout, where he showed strength as well as good quickness for an interior lineman. He's probably not quick enough to be viewed as a candidate to move to tackle, and that will hurt his stock a bit, as edge blockers are more valued by NFL teams. However, his competitive edge and work ethic should help, and some team is going to get a great value when it makes him a mid-round pick.

The Pick: Fifth Round

Shaquille Riddick

Riddick showed his ability to pass rush at the highest level of Division I after transferring from Gardner-Webb for his final collegiate season, but projections to the NFL hurt him. He didn't show the ability to get off blocks or stand up against the run consistently, and as he always lined up on the line of scrimmage, NFL teams have no information as to his ability to make a position move to linebacker. That lack of information (can he backpedal? cover underneath routes) push him down the list. It's not impossible to imagine a team with multiple late picks using one on him, but it's tough to see him as an every day defensive end in the NFL at 245 pounds.

The Pick: Free Agent

Dreamius Smith

Smith has great measurables, and appears to have every tool necessary to be a powerful runner inside the tackles -- one that can break the line and run away from second-level defenders on occasion. However, outside of one memorable run against Oklahoma during his junior season, he didn't display the consistent hard and tough running that his appearance indicates. He was tentative at the point of attack at times, and often had a hesitation step rather than bursting into the line. His size and strength will get him a look somewhere, but it's not likely to be as a drafted player.

The Pick: Free Agent

Quinton Spain

Spain bounced from tackle to guard at West Virginia, which leads to some concern about his mobility. While he does have good feet, and shows the ability to readjust quickly and move to pick up blocks and get downfield, his overall inconsistency and inability to dominate foes gives some pause in his draft evaluations. That shouldn't detract from his many positives, which include his size, strength and wingspan, but if productivity is the main metric, NFL teams may see some issues that drop him down their lists. Still, that shouldn't be enough to see him fall all the way out of the selection meeting.

The Pick: Seventh Round

Kevin White

Although we sorted this selection alphabetically, the last shall be first, and the easiest to discern, as Kevin White is assuredly a first round selection. The only think in question is where he falls in the receiver pecking order, but barring a major upset it's hard to imagine him falling out of the top half of first time through the draft batting order.

The Pick: First Round

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