Now Is The Time!

Since 1988, the Blue and Gold News has covered West Virginia University athletics like no other. As we added internet coverage on, we've continued to strive to create the ultimate Mountaineer coverage team.

Over the years, our coverage has gone in many different directions, with video, podcasts, recruiting and analysis like you'll find nowhere else. But we want to do more. A lot more. With your support, we can provide you with more great West Virginia coverage than ever before. Over the past year, we've upgraded our technology, added mobile support, beefed up video offerings, developed a soon-to-be-released iPhone app, added new writers, and expanded our coverage plans.

As part of Scout, we’ve put together what we think is an awesome membership package for those who want to support us: Ticketmonster discounts, great premium forums, new daily headline videos and more. We’ll be explaining all this in detail in the days ahead.

Please consider supporting us, so we can create the ultimate Mountaineer site - Become a member today!


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