WVU Football Camp Update: Inside The Offense

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. - A set of drills from earlier sessions includes this section of wet ball work, as West Virginia's coaching staff continued to focus on fundamentals.

Assistants Ja'Juan Seider and Lonnie Galloway do their best to punch out each ball. Luckily, no one had to run laps for fumbling. The drill forces players to concentrate on their footwork and ball security at the same time - a valuable combination at any level. Note: Sound is unavailable for videos.

With expected depth at running back, Wendell Smallwood will be used in the slot more so than last season, but he's still getting plenty of reps in the backfield. Here, running backs - including Smallwood - are practicing on how to use their hands to break free from the line of scrimmage. Below, the same group is running a basic cone drill to help with footwork along with a catch at the end.

Finally, the offensive line works on one-on-one contact. Assistant coach Ron Crook (left) notes hand placement and arm extension to aid in redirecting a defensive player.

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