WVU Football Depth Chart: Philosophy Change

West Virginia's newly-released depth chart is notable not for any major surprises (although there are a couple of attention-getters), but rather for its reflection of the change in philosophy of the Mountaineer offense.

When West Virginia's depth chart came out on Tuesday afternoon following fall camp, there weren't many personnel shockers. To be sure, there were some eyebrow-raisers, as juco newcomer Ka'Raun White and true freshman Jovon Durante were listed as co-first-teamers at the X wide receiver position, while Daikiel Shorts was back in the slot as the first squad performer at the Y. A couple of anticipated flips, such as Kyle Bosch backing up Tony Matteo at guard, and Jeremy Tyler moving down to the spur, were also notable, but there was more to read into the position listing.

Gone is the "H" receiver position (a fourth wideout), supplanted by the listing of two running back spots and a tight end-H-back combo. To be sure, those positions have existed in West Virginia's offense in the past, but in different combinations, and to see them broken out in this manner is another harbinger of the way the Mountaineers will play offense in 2015. When WVU head coach Dana Holgorsen balked at his offense being labelled as the "Air Raid" earlier this fall, it's clear he was making the point that his attack is capable of morphing into whatever it needs to be in order to take advantage of the talent on hand, and the construction of this depth chart reflects that.

Certainly, WVU will still throw the ball, and there will occasionally be four wide receiver sets or just one back in the backfield, but with the depth at running back and an expected emphasis on that play phase, it seems as if the if newly-released position chart is a look into what the 2015 season holds -- at least from an alignment standpoint.

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