Mountaineer Defense Primed For GSU's Test

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. - West Virginia's defensive effectiveness could be glimpsed in the initial stages of the game, but won't become fully known until late in the fourth quarter, when the unit has proven itself adept at the breadth of mental, physical and psychological challenges presented. Here, coordinator Tony Gibson, safety KJ Dillon and corner Terrell Chestnut give last breakdowns of the Eagles.

Inarguably the top story this game is the match-up between Tony Gibson's defense and Georgia Southern's shotgun-based triple option offense. Here, the coordinator breaks down his expectations of his defense and how it will respond to the leadership at linebacker, specifically the play of Jared Barber in the middle. Gibson also details what Xavier Preston might be able to offer in the contest, one which his mental mettle will be tested for discipline and ability to read keys correctly.

Dillon, who receiver Jordan Thompson calls the Mountaineers' best skill position defender, speaks to staying within the framework off thee defense, understanding when and how to read keys, the film review dissection of Georgia Southern and his comfort level within the defense and it relates to the opener.

And Chestnut, below, speaks to the focus on his assignment at corner against the option, his pass-first duties, not getting too aggressive against the run and having to defend against double moves down the field. Chestnut also details not fretting about run support, and the need for the defense to play as a unit within Gibson's play calls.

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