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The temptation in many quarters is to move along quickly to other news after the horrible events of the past week, but before we do so we need to keep hundreds of thousands of those affected by the tragedy in our prayers.

There are still things we can do to help. Donate to legitimate charities. Give blood. Appreciate the gifts that we have. And don't let those things become secondary.

We understand the need to return to a more "normal" pattern of life, but we also need to remember. As Santayana said, "those who do not remember the past are doomed to repeat it".

On to WVU sports. Rick Sherrod and Kyle Kayden are one-two atop the Big East tackling statistics with 33 and 29 stops respectively. As we noted in a previous column, in this defense its not necessarily a bad thing to have a free safety leading in tackles, due to its attacking nature and the fact that safeties are often close to the line of scrimmage.

However, in this case, it is a indicator of some of the struggles the new defense is having. Many of Sherrod's tackles have come five or seven or ten yards downfield, and that situation must be corrected. We suspect that Sherrod's tackle totals will level off when Shawn Hackett and Grant Wiley return to service.

The postponement of the Maryland game could open up a TV window for the contest, although nothing has been so stated by any official sources as yet. Neither ESPN nor ESPN2 have games scheduled at noon yet on the reschedule date of September 29, so it is possible that the game could yet appear on TV.

The noon start time appears to be locked in, as Maryland has a ceremony to dedicate a new building scheduled for the evening of the 29th. University officials said that parking would be an issue in trying to schedule both events at the same time.

Record watch: Avon Cobourne has 11 100 yard rushing games in his career. The Big East record is 21, held by WVU's Amos Zereoue. Does Avon have a realistic shot at that record? He would need 11 more 100 yard games, and has only 21 regular season games left to do it in, so getting to bowls the next two seasons could be a crucial factor in the chase.

Can WVU's shaky running defense improve without a healthy interior line? Antwan Lake and his chronically bad ankles, and Jason Davis, who also sports an ankle sprain, must be on the field along with David Upchurch for WVU's defense to be successful.

These three players are the stalwarts of WVU's interior defensive lines, and their backups simply aren't ready to handle the rigors of full time duty in the trenches.

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