West Virginia Examines 630-Yard Offensive Explosion Versus Jayhawks

LAWRENCE, Kan. - West Virginia's offense racked up 49 points and 630 yards in ripping Kansas in shutout fashion. Here, offensive line coach Ron Crook, back Rushel Shell and wideout Jordan Thompson review the performance.

First, Crook looks at the execution of some of the reserves, including Stone Underwood and then Tony Matteo and Kyle Bosch, who manned the guard slots after Adam Pankey was unable to play following the first series. Crook discusses the contingency plan in place in case of such events, and how he felt his primary five that played the majority of the game performed. Crook also notes the running game abilities, and how he felt the upfront push and pass protection was able to handle Kansas and create solid holes for Shell, Wenddell Smallwood and Skyler Howard.

Then, Shell - who rushed for 108 yards and two touchdowns - details his own perforrmance and that of the line, along with West Virginia's ability to energize itself in a dead environment. Shell also notes the size of holes against KU, and how thr running game keys the production of the entire offense. The back also speaks to Howard's 129 yards, and the assets he brings to both the run game and play selection. Shell also notes the cover two and lack of box strength for Kansas, and the surprise of KU staying in the same formation despite medicore weather conditions.

And finally, Jordan Thompson talks about the passing game, and how it was boosted by being able to rely on the run. Thomspon also speaks to what the win means for the seniors, who were still displeased with the Mountaineers' defeat at Kansas two seasons ago. The win made West Virginia bowl eligible, meaning those same seniors are locked into at least three more games, a main goal follwoing the October slide that could become an afterthought if the team can sweep its final trio of contests.

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