All Access

All Access is a new service from West Virginia Metro News and Blue & Gold News that gives more great coverage of WVU Sports!

This great new service will allow you to listen to radio coverage of WVU sports wherever you may be, and even access archived broadcasts up to one week past their original air date.

Listen to the Statewide Sportsline, all the WVU coaches' shows, pre and post game coverage of Mountaineer football and basketball via your computer. It's not available anywhere else on the Web!

You also get an electronic subscription to the Blue & Gold News delivered right to your electronic mailbox every Monday night. Slow mail delivery will no longer be a problem!

Visit All Access for more details or to place your subscription today!


Q: Does this mean that is now a pay site?

A: No. will remain free so long as it is humanly possible.

Q: Is there any difference in the content in the print version of the Blue & Gold News and the electronic version that will be emailed?

A: No. The content will be exactly the same. By sending it electronically, we will avoid the postal delays we exerience with many of our subscriptions. You'll have your copy in your mailbox on Monday.

Q: Does this affect in any way?

A: Not really. The content on will continue to be different than that contained in the Blue & Gold News. For the best in Mountaineer coverage, visit the web site frequently, and subscribe to All Access!

Q: I live in West Virginia, and I can hear the radio shows. Why should I subscribe to All Access?

A: With just a radio, if you miss a show, it's gone. With All Access, you can listen to most broadcasts up to one week after their original airdates!

You also get the added bonus of an electronic copy of the Blue & Gold News in your mailbox every Monday evening. No more waiting for the U.S. Postal Service!

Visit All Access for more details or to place your subscription today!

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