Fearless Picks: West Virginia Mountaineers - Kansas State Wildcats

One selector makes a strategic bid for the top while the rest of the panel is united in their picks of the West Virginia - Kansas State Big 12 football game.

Chris Richardson Last Week: W Season: 10-1 Point Differential: 201
West Virginia continued its strong play with last week's win over an inspired Iowa State team. Can the Mountaineers carry their momentum over from November with Saturday's game at Kansas State? I think they can. This is a fundamentals game. Kansas State has historically done the ordinary better than most. Blocking, tackling, special teams. To beat them, you have to beat them at those things (and in West Virginia's case, hit a couple of big plays as well.) I've got a lot of confidence in the Mountaineers this week.
  West Virginia 27-17  
Connor Murray Last Week: W Season: 10-1 Point Differential: 212
The Mountaineers get their fifth-straight Big 12 win behind a balanced offensive effort. Skyler Howard makes enough plays with his legs to keep K-State's defense honest, and Wendell Smallwood and Rushel Shell wear down the Wildcats in the fourth quarter. Joe Hubener gives the West Virginia fits early on, but Tony Gibson's group adjusts and holds KSU down in the second half.
  West Virginia 34-24  
Andy Easton Last Week: W Season: 10-1 Point Differential: 232
Much like WVU, the Kansas State Wildcats started off the season with three straight wins before collapsing in the middle of the year. Now entering the last week of the season, both teams are riding winning streaks with different bowl scenarios on the line. This week be a difficult match-up for WVU. K-State will be honoring their seniors before the game, and it may be head coach Bill Snyder's last home game.
  West Virginia 35-31  
Greg Hunter Last Week: W Season: 10-1 Point Differential: 242
This is by far the least talented K-State team WVU has faced since joining the Big 12. All things being equal, the Mountaineers are no less than two touchdowns better than the Wildcats. Still, WVU figures to have a huge fight on its hands in Manhattan.
  West Virginia 31-24  
Matt Keller Last Week: W Season: 9-2 Point Differential: 195
This one's as tough to peg, as West Virginia seemingly has more developed talent than K-State, but never seems to play as fundamentally sound. The Mountaineers are 0-3 against KSU in Big 12 play, but have closed the gap each season. Still, going on the road and getting a win has been something the Mountaineers have managed just once this season, though that also came in the Sunflower State at Kansas. In a late afternoon atmosphere with the Wildcats fighting for a bowl, Kansas State retains the sweep and reaches legitimate bowl eligibility.
  Kansas State 27-24  
Roger "C.J." Harvey Last Week: W Season: 9-2 Point Differential: 215
West Virginia's offense was stagnant through most of the first half against Iowa State, but a strong second half performance put the Cyclones away. I see a similar story playing out against Kansas State for the Mountaineers. Wendell Smallwood should be able to trounce the Wildcats' run front, which will help open passing opportunities downfield. If WVU sticks to its script, it should be a good win to close out the regular season.
  West Virginia 31-17  
Brian Jollif Last Week: W Season: 9-2 Point Differential: 245
With the final game of the regular season upon us, I don't know if I could be more unsure of the outcome of a game. The Mountaineers have been a different team this year on the road, although that has been against tougher competition. With an accumulation of injuries, bumps, and bruises, that leads to a level of uncertainty and makes this game a toss up in my eyes. In what looks to be a close game, WVU pulls out the victory with defense and a few key turnovers.
  West Virginia 31-24  
Jonathan Martin Last Week: W Season: 9-2 Point Differential: 248
Who would've thought, during a brutal mid-season stretch, that West Virginia would be playing on the final weekend in search of their eighth win? Not me ... but here we are. Now, the Mountaineers face Kansas State on the road, a team they've not beaten since being in the Big 12. Expect the Mountaineers to continue dominate defensive play and run the ball over and over.
  West Virginia 34-27  
Jane Donovan
Last Week: W Season: 8-3 Point Differential: 229
Yes, hand-wringers of Mountaineer Nation, Bill Snyder is a nearly god-like figure in the world of college football, but last time I checked, he won't be playing on Saturday. Having said that, K-State will not be a pushover and playing in the state of Kansas in December can provide its own challenges. But I just don't see this senior class coming home with anything other than a win. The Blue and Gold will win one for their Gippers: Kwit, Cody, KJ, Boomstache, et alia.
  West Virginia 37-17  

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