Forwards Key To Controlling Marshall Offense

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. - Devin Williams and Nathan Adrian will loom large in both shutting down the interior on Marshall drives and in keying the offensive end via rebounding and hopefully solid shooting.

Wiliams, above, talks about that aspect of his game, and gives his thoughts on an improved Marshall team. The forward also notes how he has learned what the game means to both the Mountaineers and Thundering Herd, and how that applies to some of the younger players. Williams also details the improving game of Brandon Watkins as the forward works back from knee surgery and his expectations for West Virginia as it relates to MU spreading the floor and trying to create space against WVU defenders.

Adran, above, delves into his time as both a prep and collegiate athlete playing in Charleston's Civic Center, and the adjustments players must make to the background. While that's not vastly different from other areanas, West Virginia has suffered through poor shooting nights in the facility. Adrian also talks about what the game means to him as an in-state player, and why West Virginia's approach to the contest is often far different from the underdog role continually played by Marshall. The game, as it is, often disintigrates into a foul fest, and a psychological one as well between the two in-state schools. 

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