Devin Williams, Jonathan Holton, and Elijah Macon Review West Virginia's win over Virginia Tech

BLACKSBURG, Va. - West Virginia's size once again created enough chaos in the press to flatten rival Virginia Tech. But as each player notes there's plenty of things to improve upon.

Early in the first half Devin Williams pulled up in pain, grasping his wrist, and immediately checked himself out to be looked at by the medical staff. What originally looked like a painful, possibly detrimental, injury turned out to be a hyperextended thumb, that Williams luckily was able to fight through. After the team's win over Virginia Tech, he talked about his injury, what he saw in the victory, and how they were able to keep Tech tired.

There was a good mix of both fanbases in attendance, but rocking chants of "Let's Go Mountaineers" fired up the boys in gold and blue. Senior Jonathan Holton said it was a sight to see the large turnout of West Virginia fans, and was a major benefit in their win over Tech. Holton was the only player to finish with a double-double, and after the win discussed his play and the setting at Cassel Coliseum.

Elijah Macon must enjoy playing on the road, becuase he had another strong performance away from home. Macon hit his first shot, which was enough to keep his confidence up throughout the game, becuase he finished with nine points, three blocks and a handful of rebounds. What was most impressive about ALL of the bigs were their decisions to make exra passes, which helped keep structure in the Mountineers half-court offense becuase they controlled tempo. Macon talked about his confidence and why a strong performance in Blacksburg helps going forward in to conference play. 

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