Arizona State's Blitzing Style to Test Skyler Howard, Mountaineers

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. - Arizona State's style is to make a play or have one be made against it. Here, Skyler Howard, along with center Tyler Orlosky and running back Wendell Smallwood, dissect how to counter the offensive.

Howard, above,said he was at "100 percent" after recovering from an ankle injury that hurt his mobility in the regular season finale' at Kansas State. Here, Howard speaks to facing the wris-reward defenses, saying that he's a "gambler" and wants to test the mettle of the Sun Devils. Howard also speaks to West Virginia's approach, and turning to a more workmanlike mindset as the Cactus Bowl nears. Howard also expounds upon his thought that the Mountaineers were ready to play when they left Morgantown, and if a team can peak too soon and become unable to dial back in at gametime.

Howard also talks about this bowl experience as related to the Liberty Bowl, and his comfort after a full season starting as opposed to just one game prior to the outing against Texas A&M. Noting that his eyes might have been a little wide at that point, the quarterback discusses his ability to focus on this bowl and understand the distractions involved.

Orlosky, below, starts off with a lighthearted diagnosis of West Virginia's trip to a noted Brazilian steakhouse, and who ate the most - nice job, video producer Sean Merinar - before detailing the senior leadership and how they helped the team hone in on the key task. Orlosky also speaks to the practices and game plan built by Dana Holgorsen and how pleased he is with how the head coach has beeen able to geet the team to focus. Orlosky finishes with his thoughts on Arizona in general and the differecnes experienced by the players, the vast majority of whom had never been to the desert.

And finally, Smallwood gives his thoughts on Arizona State's stout run defense and how the Sun Devils play downhill and fill gaps effectively to slow the run. The back also notes that he needs to be patient and hit the hole fast, and that once the initial level is beaten, get vertical to maximize the gains. Smallwood also talks about completing most of the prep in Morgantown, and how the team can refocusand then wind back up to the Cactus Bowl.

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