West Virginia's Devin Williams and Tarik Phillip Discuss Key Factors in NCAA Flameout

BROOKLYN, N.Y. -- Although not everyone agreed, West Virginia forward Devin Williams said that a lack of preparation was one of the key factors in the Mountaineers' 70-56 loss to Stephen F. Austin in the first round on the NCAA Tournament.

 Williams, making sure to note that he was not calling anyone out, said that a lack of good preparation was definitely a factor.

"As a unit, as a team, we had a bad practice. I don't want to make this about me, but I've been in the position where I feel like if you don't prepare, you lose. I think as a leader, coming back next year, that's something to grow on. I have to be a lot more vocal and teach my guys how to prepare. "We underestimated them. They punched us in the mouth. They just wanted it more."

Assistant coach Erik Martin disagreed, saying that he felt the team did pay attention to the game plan and prepared well, but that the Lumberjacks simply outplayed the Mountaineers on the night. Whatever the reason, that was evident, as West Virginia shot 30.8% from the field, including an abysmal 18.8% from beyond the arc, and allowed three more shots to their opponents. Time and again, SFA beat WVU to loose balls and outhustled them defensively, turning the last couple of minutes into a celebration.

Still, others believed that a lack of attention, or respect for the foe, was also evident.

"You could say that," Tarik Phillip agreed after the Mountaineers gave up 22 turnovers while forcing only seven. "They took away a lot of things, and we didn't react to it the way we are supposed to at all.We got down, and then we got down on ourselves."

In the video below, Phillip tries to put into words what went wrong.

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