Day Three Practice Report

A few raindrops, a position move, and more installation of offensive and defensive schemes were the highlights of day three. Oh, and did we mention there was actually some hitting?

The offense continued to install more of their offense today, with more plays being added to both the running and passing games. Despite the "limited contact" nature of the session, there was still a good bit of smacking going on. In addition to the expected battles along the offensive and defensive lines, both Quincy Wilson and Hikee Johnson put a couple of big hits on linebackers.

The intensity was definitely up with the donning of pads, and should continue to increas with full contact sessions slated for the end of the week.

With the reduced practice schedule, the coaching staff is working to maximize every second of practice. For example, over the past couple of practices, the offense and defense will sneak in a quick play on the way to water breaks. This also servers, of course, as good practice for a quick change of possession that could occur in a real game.


Practice ended with sprint drills where teams ran downfield and tried to catch a punt before it hit the ground, rather than with the around the field sprints of previous days.

* * *

Vince Beamer was still out awaiting the receipt of his appeal by the NCAA Clearinghouse. Jahmile Addae and Travis Garrett were on limited duty again as well.

* * *

As is to be expected when the pads go on, mistakes were up. Head coach Rich Rodriguez said that he thinks some of the players are overloaded with information, which causes them to make mistakes. He stressed to the newcomers that even if they were lost they needed to be running full speed somewhere.

* * *

Rachid Stoury moved from nose guard to offensive guard. Rodriguez commented that they are still trying to find eight solid players for the offensive line and that "we are not there yet."

* * *

Overall, the defense had the upper hand on the day. Rodriguez noted that he was was disappointed with the mistakes but liked the intensity. "The defense is really making some plays."

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