Still No Word on Former WVU Quarterback

Investment firm Cantor Fitzgerald still has no word on the fate of employee Chris Gray, who has been missing since the heinous terrorist attack on the World Trade Center.

As of 5:30 p.m. on Thursday, Cantor Fitzgerald's hotline still had no information on Gray, who worked on the 101st floor of One World Trade Center. That tower, the first to be hit by a hijacked airplane, collapsed some 103 minutes after being hit.

Gray apparently survived the initial impact. A friend of Gray's made a cell phone call from approximately the 40th floor of Tower One sometime after the crash, and told the person he was talking to to contact Gray's fiancee. That was the last known report on Gray's whereabouts.

Cantor Fitzgerald does have a list of some 320 employees in New York City that have been reported as safe, however, none of those employees are believed to have been in their offices on the 101st, 103rd, 104th and 105th floors of the tower. Cantor Fitzgerald employed approximately 1000 people on those four floors.

Another web site listing people who had been reported as safe included a "Chris Gray" early this morning, however, that apparently does not refer to the former WVU player.

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